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About Mehak

Mehak is an artist, teacher, and the owner of Crafty Mindz. Art and craft has always been her passion and is now her profession.

Crafty Mindz Mehak

She loves painting and doing arts and crafts usually spending most of her free time making paintings and clay sculptures. She is a self-motivated, hardworking, and creative person. Her goal is to use her creativity to teach young children through art. She strives to provide a rich and fun environment where they can feel safe to explore, learn, and express themselves.

Crafty Mindz was designed to build children's creativity, confidence, patience, fine motor skills, focus, and a lot more.


Mehak is a wonderful teacher. She herself is very talented and my daughter just loves her art class. She is teaching different stuff and keeping kids very well interested and focused. Highly recommended!!

Crafty Mindz

Deepa Mehta


Mehak is well talented in Artwork. I have seen her work in school functions.She teaches all kinds of artwork. My daughter loves to go over her class.

Vidhya Raj


We have our son going to Mehak’ Art classes. They are really helpful and my son loved them. Mehak patiently works with kids all ages and gets the best art out of them . I would recommend your kids for this art class if they are interested in art.

Swathi Kesapragada


Crafty Mindz
Crafty Mindz
Crafty Mindz
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