Live Channel

Welcome to Live Channel

This is a live channel where we will be hosting all our Live Paint Events. These events are for all age groups and fun events for the family.

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How Does it Work?

Come create an easy painting with step-by-step instructions and an instructor to help in this virtual paint event.

  • Free Paint Event for all.

  • No painting skills required.

  • Good for Adults, Kids, or an activity for a family.

  • All events are hosted in Pacific Time.


What Supplies Do I need?

  • Stretch Canvas: Recommend size 11 x 14

  • Acrylic Paint: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White

  • Paint Brushes: A larger brush 3/4″ to 1″ wide, a narrow brush to paint details and thin lines.

  • Plastic Palette or Paper Plate

  • Water Cup

  • Pencil - Color or Regular.

  • Paper Towel or old rag

  • Easel: An easel helps to paint easier but not necessary.

  • Apron or old shirt: something to cover you and wouldn’t mind getting paint on!


Where can I purchase supplies?

You can buy the art supplies at Amazon, Michael's, or any other art store.

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