Child Care

We provide different child care services with a program tailored towards a child's overall development. Our program includes a variety of featured activities providing a daily dose of creativity and an overall learning experience.

Emergency Child Care
Child Care, Emergency Child Care

We are offering Emergency Child Care for parents in need.


More information can be found here.

We would also like to emphasize the importance of Stay Home and Save Life. Please stay home and stay safe and healthy. For more information visit

After School Program / Care
Child Care, After School Program/Care

Join our after-school program to get a daily dose of creativity and hands-on crafting including time for homework and reading. We provide pick up from school and provide an enriching environment for kid's overall development.

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No School Day Camp
​Child Care, No School Day Camp

We are open even when the schools are not!

Leave your kids with us to hang out and learn during no-school days. Kids participate in arts and crafts, nature walks, critical thinking activities (including legos, chess, board games), and field trips.

Everything is included in your camp fees; you just pack a lunch!

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