Virtual Art Competition

Calling all Young Artists!

Register and Submit your entry for Virtual Art Contest by August 15

This contest is open to all young artists from age 6 years - 12 years. During this challenging time, we are hosting our art competition virtually. Registration and submission of all entries will be done electronically.

Winners will be selected from each category and will be announced on our website and our social media platforms. Best painting from each category will be featured on our website and social media platforms.

Theme - Hello Summer
Virtual Art Competition

Hello Summer - Artist can come up with creative ideas on Summer and put them down on canvas or paper. 


Category I   : Age 6 - 7 Years 

Category II  : Age 8 - 9 Years

Category III : Age 10 - 12 years 


This year has been very different for everyone, where most of the places closed and activities being canceled. We at Crafty Mindz also had to change all our activities included the Art Competition, and had to go virtual.

We would like to thank all the young artists for participating. During this Art Competition we saw amazing imagination, creativity, use of colors by all the artists. We would like to congratulate all the artists for their effort.

We would like to congratulate the winners in all the categories. The results for each category is listed below. We will be contacting all the winners individually in the coming week for the prizes.

All the participants will receive the certificate of participation via email in the coming week.

Category I   : Age 6 - 7 Years

1st Prize - Zoya Eshwar [Circle of Life]

Art Competition - Cat 1 - 1st Prize

This summer when we were out sitting in the waterfront I saw a beautiful kingfisher, it suddenly jumped inside the water and when it came out I saw him having a fish in its mouth and I thought of making this painting.

“Life is a cycle of ends and starts. We are all dependent on each other for food. Everyone in this beautiful world is important in their own way so, we should respect all the lives whether they are big or small.”

2nd Prize - Aisha Dey

Art Competition - Cat 1 - 2nd Prize

Hi, I am Aisha, I am 7 years old. I have always liked drawing and painting but I didn't take any training.


For 'Hello Summer' theme, I chose to draw one of my favorite activities in summer - going to the beach! I tried to paint a sunny colorful day at the beach and included interesting things that I have seen in my beach outings - colorful umbrella with beach chairs, a big beach ball and creatures like starfish and crab that can be seen sometimes on the beach. I used dabbing technique to paint the clouds and also used bit of dry brushing for water waves and tree branches.

Category II  : Age 8 - 9 Years

1st Prize - Ahana Baderdinni [Joy of Summer]

Art Competition - Cat 2 - 1st Prize

Ahana is 9 years old. Since from the age of 5 she is passionate about art.  She loves to sketch and paint. She came up with the idea of drawing a girl doing ballet on piano notes (as she loves to play piano) on a beautiful summer day .

2nd Prize - Agamjot Singh

Art Competition - Cat 2 - 2nd Prize

My name is Agamjot Singh. I am 8 years old. I am going to 3rd grade. My favorite color is orange. My favorite subject is art. I live in Edison, New Jersey. I am good at drawing, sketching, coloring, cartooning, and painting.
The different materials that I use for my artwork are pastel colors, crayons, pencils, color pencils, markers, sharpies, painting colors, acrylic paint, pens,  etc. My inspiration for making me inclined towards drawing and painting is that when I look at great books like 'Diary of Wimpy Kid', I like to create my own characters and draw cartoons out of them. I am also working on making my own comic book with newly designed characters, that I would like to get printed someday.

I did this painting based on the theme "Hello Summer" by making a rough draft first and then drawing it on canvas and used acrylic paints to color it up. I am so happy to see it finished.

Category III : Age 10 - 12 years 

1st Prize - Siri Addagada

Art Competition - Cat 3 - 1st Prize

I am Siri Addagada. I completed my 6 th grade. Art is my passion. About this art it’s my farm scape. It’s my dream to live in that farm house which is surrounded my nature’s beauty.

2nd Prize - Ipsita Swain

Art Competition - Cat 3 - 2nd Prize

My name is Ipsita Swain, and I am in 6th grade. My hobby is drawing, but I am self-taught.

Artwork: My artwork is for the theme "Hello Summer". In my artwork I wanted to included ways people sped the summer. So, I drew a pool in the front, but I made it in a backyard because of currant situations. In the pool there are two girls who are splashing around water at each other. I also drew other activities in the balconies of the second house and apartment. On the second house there is a chair and an umbrella to give some shade. That represents that you can rest in the summer. On the apartment balconies you can see a girl reading and a TV that shows other things people can do in the summer. That is my summary for my artwork for the theme "Hello Summer".